Why does your organization need TeamConnect?

Centralized Membership Data

This is the precise point where many of the organizations failed to scale and engage their members. Membership data is managed in XLS files at various locations. There is a lot of effort, coordination, and data compilation required for Membership Renewal, New Member onboarding, and Timely Data Collection. Every Year there is a change in the committee team so data handover, Process handover, and correct management are much required.

Business Generation and Referrals

Along with the social or Professional cause; every member wishes to generate business within the community. Lack of Common Business Directory, Members Services / Offerings, and quick search restrict the business growth and it disconnects the members. Member needs to depend on the committee team for update/delete of the information and there is no direct access to the member.

Member Engagement

Member engagement is the only key success factor of any organization’s growth. Due to limited available tools and features; there is a limitation to have all group members together. This impacts the member engagement and seamless propagation of the information within the member. What’s App has 255 members limitation. The committee team has to manage the calendar for Personalized Wishes on Birthday, Anniversary and at times it gets missed as well.

Organization Analytics and Insights

Committee members need to know the Count of Active Members, Age, Kids Count, Member’s Occupation, Services Offered, and Engagement Ratio while planning an event or activity. Renewal Ratio, Member Interest, Committee Members Performance, Meeting MoM, and Event Response needs to track for the betterment of the organization’s growth.

Member Onboarding and Renewal

New Member onboarding, getting the required profile information, and introducing to the group is manual work and needs a lot of effort and follow-ups. At the end of the Membership Expiry period, there is a lot of coordination and follow-up required from the new committee team for membership renewal. There is no track available of who paid renewal, who haven’t paid, which is prospect member, and which member is not interested to join. The non-paid member enjoys the organization facility whereas the new member is waiting for onboarding. Auto-Reminder SMS, Email is missing for the quick and efficient membership renewal.

Events Information with RSVP

The organization arranges the events for the members but the organizing committee unable to know the count of members attending. For events; committee members have to call, SMS, Email members to know their response. Due to lack of information; there is a lot of wastage of Food, other stationaries. Briefing Event details, Venue, Timing, and event flow is a troublesome task for committee members as well. This needs more manpower and man efforts for organizing an event.


Member Profile

Member Profile along with Family Members Information. Education and Work Details along with contact details

Member Directories

Search Member within the Organization, Know Your Member and get connected. Search Members by Blood Group, Location, Occupation, Education, etc.

Business Directories

Managed Listings, Ask Referral, Give Referral, Recommendation and Search Businesses.

Event Management

Manage Warehouse Fumigation & Insurance Expenses, its schedule, and forward the expenses to the selected material’s rent calculations.

News and Notifications

Push Newsletters, Notifications to members.

Member Engagement

Personalized Birthday / Anniversary SMS & Email. Member Feedback and Suggestions Poll and Survey

Committee Forums

Manage Warehouse Fumigation & Insurance Expenses, its schedule, and forward the expenses to the selected material’s rent calculations.

Membership Management

Auto-renewals Notifications, Activate / Deactivate Membership, Manage Prospect Member List, Membership Renewal / Not Renewal Reporting

Import / Export

Import new or update existing members by using an XLS file. Export the member data in XLS File.

And much more!